Finding health, happiness, and peace through the power of the mind


It’s In Your Head came about as I was working to heal from all aspects of cancer- physically, mentally and emotionally.  In this process, I realized I would not be able to reach true health and wellness unless I also processed all my old wounds; experiences, emotions and my perspective on life.  This path led me to a 10-day silent meditation retreat in a jungle outside of Bangkok. 


It became clear how much of my pain and suffering was caused by my own attitude, choices, and the situations I allowed myself to be in.  It was clear that I have the responsibility to myself to change these habits and anything that isn’t contributing to my happiness.  This site is to help anyone suffering with cancer, depression, addiction, toxic behaviors, poor self-image or simply a negative attitude through the power of the mind.  What you think and focus on is your reality. 


What are you choosing to see?  Join me on this journey to health, happiness and freedom from unnecessary suffering



Choose between 1:1, Group Classes, or Workshops custom suited for your needs.  We will do a combination of practices to have you feeling your best. I can meet you at your home, business, rent a location, or teach over Zoom.  

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Find articles to help get through a cancer diagnosis, treatment and the challenges of returning to life after.  Working to change negative beliefs and bring health, happiness and peace all with the focus on the power of the mind



Watch short videos to help with a new diagnosis, ways to strengthen the body and mind, deal with negative thoughts, and so much more!



Listen to podcasts from myself and others that discuss the process of unlocking our unlimited potential, gaining control of our health, and much more!



Find pictures from my journey of depression, cancer, healing and finding peace and happiness



Find articles, links, reading lists or anything else I've found that I believe would be helpful in your own journey



Join Breath of Fresh Air Retreats on an all-inclusive trek to enjoy the healing power of nature. Clear the mind, reconnect with ourselves, and allow our professional photographer to capture your experience. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."


Through 40 rounds of chemotherapy, 28 rounds of radiation, 7 surgeries and continued self improvement post treatment I have not only beat cancer and depression but I thrived through it. I hope to pass on what I've learned so others won't suffer the same way 

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