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Covid-19 Update

A love note to our BOFA family around the globe 🌎 ❤️.

We might not be on the trail together right now, but this community is a powerful force - and we feel it now more than ever. Who would have thought that an unexpected worldwide pandemic would be exactly what the doctor ordered to encourage such deep reconnection with ourselves, nature, and the heartbeats we share this big blue rock with?

We sincerely hope you’re enjoying the power of this pause - taking some much deserved moments to savor rich morning coffee, FaceTime calls with those you love most, and looking up at night to experience the newfound clarity of a unpolluted night sky full of stars! What a gift! 💫

In those inevitable moments when curfew or quarantine rules may have you feeling disconnected or isolated, please remember that you’re never in this alone - we’ve been and will continue to be here for you. You can find Natasha’s guided meditations on the free app: Insight Timer - let go of fear, practice gentle breathing techniques to promote peace, and wake up lighter with a morning stretch routine. Hunter’s infamous Wim Hof breathing methods can be found on this site or Youtube (we’ve been practicing every day to boost immunity and keep a healthy mind, and we hope to hear that you are also). While on the blog page, you’ll also find tips for maintaining healthy habits during times of crisis.

For as much as we are embracing the surrender of life without future plans, the two of us remain optimistic that our next big adventure will come sooner than we may think. At this time, we have postponed our summer retreats in Europe but will embark on a two week BOFA retreat in Nepal on the Annapurna Circuit in October 2020. For more details about how these majestic mountains can completely transform life as you know it, feel free to send us a DM or visit for updates.

Until we meet again - stay happy.
Stay healthy.
And be kind to each other.
Much love,
Natasha and Hunter ❤️✨

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Annapurna Circuit





Breath of Fresh Air Retreats provides adventure-based healing retreats that combine breathwork, yoga, meditation and mindfulness training during the trek with a professional photographer.  Our goal is to give you a life-changing experience that allows you to disconnect from our over-stimulated world and reconnect you to your body. We want you to go home with a new perspective on life, a calmer mind and photos you will cherish for a lifetime!

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Meet The Team


Natasha Thompson

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My intention is quite simple: share yoga and the very practices that have allowed me to re-invite love and aliveness back into my own life. I aim to connect people back to their bodies, hearts, and inspire them to truly see the awe within their own selves. 

Hunter LaFave

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After 40 rounds of chemotherapy and radiation for stage 3 cancer I left behind a career as a commercial diver and everything I knew to search for a life of peace, health and happiness.  I hope to share the lessons I have learned.

Aaron Dickfos

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It’s not just the mountains that will see me zipping up my jacket and pulling on a pair of boots in the icy cold hours before dawn or running up steep banks with a backpack full of extra camera gear. It's the fact that every person and every place has some kind of magic to see if you're open to it. Through my lens, I’m able to share with others the way in which I see the beauty of this world.

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