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Porto to Santiago

June 1-8 2020

Santiago to Muxia

June 11-18 2020



Join our Breath of Fresh Air family as, together, we embark on a pilgrimage that will create summer memories to last a lifetime! Step-by-step, day-by-day, experience the scenic beauty of rolling Spanish countryside combined with historical gothic architecture whilst trekking on one of the most infamous caminos in the world. Our professional photographer will be in tow to capture all of the journey highlights so you can focus on truly living in the moment. Pack your bags, take the ride, and allow us to handle every last detail of what’s sure to be a life-changing European adventure! 

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Discover, with your own two feet, the quaint scenery of rural Spain; rolling meadows, lush vineyards, and fragrant orchards as far as the eye can see


Professional Photography

Leave your phone and camera behind and allow our professional photographer, EXPEDIMAGE, to capture your experience while you disconnect and focus on truly living in the moment 



Hand over the responsibilities of every day life and allow us to take care of all of your basic needs. Experience the freedom that accompanies a journey where planning and considerations are handled for you

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Daily Meditation

Clear your mind, settle into silence, and discover for yourself, how in just two weeks of regular practice, mindfulness tools can be instilled for a lifetime of enhanced joy and contentment



Immerse in the present moment and more effectively adjust to changing elevations with daily altitude breath training; enhancing health, well-being, and a deeper connection to one's truest nature



After a long day of walking, treat your palate to delicious local wine and tapas from a country famous for it’s savoury food and drink


Cultural Heritage

Walk upon historic trails that have been travelled for centuries by pilgrims from all over the world for religious and spiritual purposes

Personal Achievement

Step outside your comfort zone, meet resistance, and move in the direction of your greatest self.  Relish in the accomplishment of conquering a mountain, develop newfound appreciation for your body, and witness how physical and mental strength expands into every aspect of your life


Meet other Pilgrims

Cultivate lasting friendships, share experiences, and discover for yourself the depth of connection that unfolds when a group of people choose to live outdoors and explore the beauty of the world at a slower pace


Trek 1

Porto to Santiago


June 1st  

Welcome Dinner in Porto, Portugal! An opportunity to meet the beautiful humans you will walk alongside for the next 7 days. This is an opportunity to share tips, experiences, ensure gear is comprehensive, and collectively review the pilgrimage we are about to embark on.


June 2nd  

Bus transfer to TUI, SPAIN (90km) and walk to O PORRINO for the evening (17km)


June 3rd 

Trek to REDONDELLA (18km)


June 4th 

Trek to PONTEVEDRA (20km)


June 5th    

Trek to CALDAS DE REIS (21km)


June 6th 

Trek to PADRON (18km)


June 7th 

Trek to SANTIAGO Cathedral! (25km) Receive certificate of completion of last 100km of the pilgrimage. Celebratory dinner!

June 8th 


Trek 2 

Santiago to Muxia


June 11th

Welcome Dinner in Santiago de Compostela, Spain! An opportunity to meet the beautiful humans you will walk alongside for the next days. This is an opportunity to share tips, experiences, ensure gear is comprehensive, and collectively review the pilgrimage we are about to embark on.


June 12th

Morning departure to NEGREIRA (21km)


June 13th

Trek to SANTA MARINA (21km)


June 14th

Trek to CEE (20km)


June 15th

Trek to FINNESTRE (13km)


June 16th



June 17th

Trek to MUXIA (28km)

June 18th

Bus MUXIA to SANTIAGO (75km)

*Note: we travel as a group, and therefore this itinerary is subject to change based on the needs of the collective. We have allotted additional time should we require a slowing of pace or an additional night on the trail. 


What's Included

Pretrip Planning

  • Pre-trip support & preparation before departure from home 

  • Pre-trek planning, packing, and briefing whilst in Europe

  • Camino de Santiago Pilgrim’s credential 

  • Camino de Santiago certificate of completion (last 100km)

Mindful Experience

  • Daily guided meditation and/or yoga

  • Daily breathwork 

  • Professional photography by EXPEDIMAGE

  • Morning check-in and intention setting

  • Evening empowerment discussion

  • Journal prompts 

  • Intermittent presence check-ins


  • One American + one Canadian guide

  • Transportation by bus from Porto to Tui to begin trek

  • 7 nights albergue/ shared accommodation on camino

  • Two meals daily & morning tea/coffee/juice whist walking

  • First aid/ medical kit

Life On the Camino


Pilgrim hostels (known in Spanish as “albergues”) are a unique feature of the camino - especially on the Camino de Santiago. These dormitory-style accommodation provide an upbeat, community atmosphere and it is not uncommon to hear music and laughter amongst new and old friends in common areas in upon arrival. Most albergues have a kitchen for cooking, laundry station, and shared bathrooms. 



Early departure is critical to beat afternoon heat on the trail, and therefore we will start each morning with a fresh, fruit breakfast in the albergue. June in this area of Europe is abundant with ripe, tasty apricots, plums, berries, and melons. After 1-2 hours of walking, we will stop as a group for a mid-morning coffee and/or freshly-squeezed orange juice break at a local cafe. Delicious, baked goods are readily available along the trail, as well as delicatessens making sandwiches on still-warm bread! It is recommended that you pack high-fat snacks such as energy bars and trail mix, and grocery stores can be located in almost every small town along the journey to stock up. Dinners will embrace local Spanish culture; coming together each evening to share the days highlights at a local tapas restaurant. These dinners will be hearty, mostly vegetarian, and inclusive of a glass of delicious Spanish wine to savor the flavors of this incredible country. 

What's not included?   These few things:

  • International flight to and from Porto/Santiago

  • Visa upon arrival (most residents outside of the Schengan area have 90-day free visa exemption)

  • Travel Insurance to cover any medical expenses

  • Trekking gear 

  • Personal expenses such as laundry and souvenirs

  • Bar and cold beverage bills

  • Snacks/Lunch on the walk


Meet The Team


Natasha Thompson

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My intention is quite simple: share yoga and the very practices that have allowed me to re-invite love and aliveness back into my own life. I aim to connect people back to their bodies, hearts, and inspire them to truly see the awe within their own selves. 

Hunter LaFave

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After 40 rounds of chemotherapy and radiation for stage 3 cancer I left behind a career as a commercial diver and everything I knew to search for a life of peace, health and happiness.  I hope to share the lessons I have learned.

Aaron Dickfos

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It’s not just the mountains that will see me zipping up my jacket and pulling on a pair of boots in the icy cold hours before dawn or running up steep banks with a backpack full of extra camera gear. It's the fact that every person and every place has some kind of magic to see if you're open to it. Through my lens, I’m able to share with others the way in which I see the beauty of this world.

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