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It began in a treehouse on a retreat centre in rural Thailand, and life has never been the same thereafter. Hunter, on a journey of healing following a life-shattering cancer diagnosis, arrived to Suan Sati with an open-mind to experience a method of recovery far outside the conventional medical system he’d been immersed in throughout treatment. Natasha, teaching yoga abroad in an effort to break away from an unsupportive way of life in Canada. What started as a momentary introduction quickly blossomed into a friendship beyond borders; inspiring and helping each other through some of the most difficult moments of healing and recovery.  


Fast forward a couple of years, dozens of countries, and thousands of FaceTime calls later, and our commitment to ourselves and each other remains stronger than ever. Only now, on the other side of adversity, our mission to help others overcome their own struggles has become the forefront of our intention. As we travel and share our own stories, we’ve come to understand that there are so many existing in the very way of life we broke free from. And with so few resources available, there is now- more than ever, a need for an adventure-based healing model as an adjunct or alternative to Western medicine. 


Breath of Fresh Air Retreats is a fusion of everything that has allowed us to reinvite health and happiness back into our own lives; nature, community, and most of all - presence. We now understand the power of taking back and training the mind to promote sustainable well-being, and are committed to helping others experience this for themselves. We’ve created an all-inclusive retreat program that allows guests to embark on a life-changing journey whilst continuously practicing present moment awareness; taking the worry, planning, and overthinking out of vacationing so one can focus on what’s most important. With a professional photographer in tow, we aim to show guests all of the beauty, all of the bounty, of this big world in real time; returning home weeks later with a gallery of priceless moments and feeling more alive than ever before.