Daily Process Podcast

Hunter LaFave

Hunter shares his cancer survival story and how he healed his body and mind through breathwork, yoga and medition. Sam had the privilage of meeting him at Suan Sati Yoga and Meditation Retreat where he led a breathwork workshop and ss the founder of, Its In Your Head, he is helping other's through their own cancer journeys and lending the support he felt was missing during his treatment. 

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Daily Process Podcast

Will Hardy

Will Hardy, founder of Suan Sati a yoga and meditation retreat in Thailand, joins us to talk about what self-care looks like when your purpose is to serve others, how to take care of yourself through challenging chapters and reminds us how important it is to fulfill your life's purpose for you, not for others. 

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Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Wim Hof

Wim Hof is one of the most exceptional human beings on the planet. Not only is he the holder of 26 world records, he has also participated in clinical trials that have changed the medical understanding of biology. In these times of universal fear, Wim Hof's voice is a steady drumbeat reminding us of just how powerful we are as human beings. 

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