When I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer at the age of 30, I felt so helplessly lost.  At one of my first appointments after diagnosis a friend asked my oncologist about alternative methods.  He said "If you do that you will die!".  His advice was just take the pills, rest, eat whatever you want and give up responsibility.  I followed what they recommended and I lost over 30 lbs, my emotions felt uncontrollable, and I had difficulty speaking from chemo fog. I knew this couldn't be the best advice. When I decided to take back control and try something else I was able to stop my weight loss, remove almost all the pills, regain cognitive ability and jog 4 miles a day during treatment.  I didn’t want to just beat cancer, I wanted to thrive through it. 

It’s In Your Head came together as I moved to Thailand in search of health, happiness and peace.  I started writing about my experience with cancer just for my own processing.  I wrote with no real intention or expectation.  As time went on, and I began to connect with other friends who had been recently diagnosed, I realized there were things I had learned that could be beneficial to others.  My journey took me down some paths I never thought I’d head down. I found myself meditating, fasting, and using other unconventional healing methods to cope with stress and regain control in my life. I will cover any and all healing techniques I attempted. I am hoping by sharing what I’ve learned about my brush with death, I can help others have an easier time with treatment. 


After I moved I was searching for happiness, and at the time, I wasn’t sure where I could find it. A job maybe? Or living in a certain place? Maybe even meeting a special someone? In all of my searching, what I found is that true happiness comes from within.  The ability to take control of your life comes from within.  The ability to change patterns, face fears, and find peace was all mental.  The strength needed to get through all the challenges cancer poses was psychological.  I learned that I have a responsibility to myself to be happy and, most importantly, I learned that I have more control than I realized.


Cancer brought a lot of things to light for me.  It forced me to take a closer look at the decisions I was making and the lifestyle I was living.  The amount of stress I had in my life, the way I processed painful experiences, my diet, how I spend my time, and what thoughts run through my head all needed to change.  When I changed my mindset, I changed the way I viewed the world. I began viewing my experiences that I perceived to be hurtful or painful as lessons instead of gaps in happiness or a loss of control.  When I began to focus on the things I was appreciative of instead of the things I was unhappy about, I was able to see all the good in my life.  I realized most of the negatives in my life were temporary, but the mental torture I was putting myself through was lasting longer.


I created It’s In Your Head to help anyone looking for health, happiness, peace and control. Whether you have been diagnosed with cancer, you are going through emergency surgeries, you have a loved one who has been diagnosed, or you are trying to return to a normal life after treatment is finished it is your responsibility to process your experience. I want to help you learn from your negative experiences and continue being happy, healthy, and peaceful. I have experienced all of the above in many different forms, and I have found what is important is your awareness of how you are processing these experiences. You could either be hardened by them and hold onto the anger and pain or you can be in control, learn from them, and move forward better than before.  Without this awareness my happiness was just a game of chance, completely influenced by what was going on in my life at that moment.


It’s In Your Head is all about getting to the root of the issues we face and understanding we must heal ourselves before we can fix any exterior issue.  Like the oxygen mask on a plane that drops down in times of need, we must first put the mask on ourselves before we can do anything else.  That mask won’t heal us but it will allow us the ability to do what we need to do to survive.  Nothing here will heal you just by reading it, but I hope it helps give you the inspiration, motivation, strength, and understanding to do what you need to do to get through your challenges.  It all starts with something as simple as just believing you can. 

I will be uploading more blogs, videos and podcasts as time goes on.  Subscribe at the bottom of the page  and write me with any questions, concerns or comments you may have.  

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