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Conny, Austria

It was just perfect - the mix of the breathing, yoga, meditation, hiking, a photographer ... we had the best guides, i think the best accommodation everywhere, everything was really just perfect

Robin, Thailand

This trip unveiled our true selves to ourselves. A personal transformation for every soul, enlivened by the pure love curated amongst the Himalayan mountains. Every moment was beautifully and heart-fully organised

Matt, USA

The combination of breathing, yoga and trekking in the Himalayas was magical and supported us through the ups and downs of our journey. I had many profound moments on the trip and couldn't have asked for a better team to guide us through the Annapurna circuit

Laura, USA

I wouldn’t trade this experience for the entire world. It was beyond any expectation. Now I can’t even imagine doing a trek without the gentle yoga sessions to wake up my body, and the breathing technique to help me acclimatize and feel confident in my ability to conquer anything

Crystal, USA

Maybe the most introspective, and the craziest part is that I unfold more every day since my return. It's like the trail attaches itself to you and stays with you, just like the amazing people I journeyed with. Hunter and Natasha are the perfect balance of glitter and grit, the softness to cradle you in Natasha's laughter and the strength to push you in Hunter's guidance

Dani, Austria

Everything was super organized and I felt so relaxed because I always have to organize everything at home. That's why I really enjoyed the fact that I did not have to plan and think about anything during our trip

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